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Sumpter Township Crime Mapping & Stats
What is 

This is a web-based map of the Township of Sumpter that allows residents to map out reported and verified criminal activity, select specific crime types and date ranges, and generate reports. Watch the short instructional video below then click on this link: Sumpter Township crime maps.

Note: To view reportable crimes specifically for Sumpter Township... go to the "Agencies" tab then choose "Sumpter Twp. Police, MI" under the "only show crimes reported by" drop down menu. Then zoom out until you can see the entire township on the map. Following this process will ensure that you see ALL reportable crimes for your chosen date range. pulls incident data every 24 hours from the Sumpter Township Police records
 management system.

Citizens can subscribe to crime alerts and receive email updates when new crimes occur near a specific address. 

Only crimes that have completed a review and approval process are displayed. Cases under review are excluded from the daily updates.

The site uses ESRI technology to locate each event before posting it, to ensure data integrity and accuracy.

Did you know?

Earlier this year, Sumpter Township was ranked as the 51st safest municipality in Michigan on the SafeWise seventh annual Safest Cities report. 

As to the methodology for the rankings, per Safewise, "To identify the safest cities of 2021, we reviewed 2019 FBI crime report statistics (the most recent complete report available at the time of ranking) and population data... Our rankings are based on both violent and property crime numbers. We looked at the number of reported violent crimes (aggravated assault, murder, rape, and robbery) in each city and the number of reported property crimes (burglary, larceny-theft, and motor vehicle theft)."

The complete report ranks the top 210 for the state. Several area jurisdictions also made the list. They include, in order of rank:

#59 - Huron Township
#75 - Milan
#88 - Canton Township
#92 - Brownstown Township
#106 - Flatrock
#115 - Pittsfield Township
#148 - Van Buren Township
#191 - Romulus

Each year, several different sites publish their "safest" cities/ towns lists based on the FBI's annual crime reporting. These lists are based on the rate of both violent crimes (murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault) and property crime (burglary, larceny, motor vehicle theft, and arson), per 1,000 residents. Each site has a slightly different methodology, giving different weights to the two categories to compile their lists. 

The most recent rankings from a site called AdviserSmith breaks into three separate lists by population; large cities, midsize cities, and small towns. Sumpter Township falls into the latter category. AdviserSmith gives an overall "crime score" based upon their methodology, with a lower score equating to less crime.

Feel free to browse the site:

For those interested, here is a list of area jurisdictions showing the violent crime rate, the property crime rate, and the overall crime score from the site (ranked from best to worst):

Sumpter Township:   9.7 / 6.7   = 21.1 
Augusta Township:   3.3 / 17.7 = 28.0
Canton Township:     9.4 / 10.8 = 28.9
Huron Township:     10.9 / 7.5   = 31.4
Brownstown Twp:    10.4 / 8.8   = 32.7
Pittsfield Township:  7.1 / 14.8  = 35.1
City of Belleville:     13.3 / 15.0  = 46.7
Van Buren Twp:       16.3 / 19.3  = 53.9
City of Romulus:     28.6 / 22.9  = 96.6