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Sumpter Township Crime Mapping & Alerts
We use the Public Crime Search application as part of our consortium membership in Oakland County's CLEMIS (Court and Law Enforcement Management Information System).

Public Crime Search is a free web-based program that allows residents to map out reported and verified criminal activity, select specific crime types and date ranges, and generate reports for specific areas. Users can choose 16+ different types of crimes.

To search and view reportable crimes specifically for Sumpter Township, take these steps:

1) Under the WHAT tab, choose the types of crimes you want to see (we recommend choosing all in the drop-      down).

2) Under the WHEN tab, choose the timeframe.

3) Under the WHERE tab, choose "SUMPTER TWP" in the "filter by city" drop-down, then hit "apply."

You can also sign up for email alerts anytime a crime is reported within a one-mile square radius surrounding your chosen location (*alerts can be requested for multiple locations).

The site can be accessed here: