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Sumpter Township Crime Mapping & Stats
What is 

This is a web-based map of the Township of Sumpter that allows residents to map out reported and verified criminal activity, select specific crime types and date ranges, and generate reports. Watch the short instructional video below then click on this link: Sumpter Township crime maps.

Note: To view reportable crimes specifically for Sumpter Township... go to the "Agencies" tab then choose "Sumpter Twp. Police, MI" under the "only show crimes reported by" drop down menu. Then zoom out until you can see the entire township on the map. Following this process will ensure that you see ALL reportable crimes for your chosen date range. pulls incident data every 24 hours from the Sumpter Township Police records
 management system.

Citizens can subscribe to crime alerts and receive email updates when new crimes occur near a specific address. 

Only crimes that have completed a review and approval process are displayed. Cases under review are excluded from the daily updates.

The site uses ESRI technology to locate each event before posting it, to ensure data integrity and accuracy.


While we didn't meet the population threshold of 10,000+ residents to be included on this particular list (they show us at 9,265 residents but we believe we're actually several hundred higher... which would make our numbers even better!), our crime rate numbers would put Sumpter Township at approximately #25.

Our crime rates per 1,000 residents are as follows:

Violent Crime = .75 (yes you read that right, .75!)
Property Crime = 10.04

By comparison, the averages for the State of Michigan are:

Violent Crime = 6.11
Property Crime = 23.98

As to our standing compared to neighboring communities, Canton Township is #38 (1.69 & 11.48 respectively), Huron Township is #44 (1.17 & 12.67), Van Buren Township is #84 (3.88 & 23.39) and Romulus comes in at # 111 (7.25 & 29.38).

Belleville, who also doesn't meet the population threshold to be included on this list has a crime rate of 1.55 violent & 23.32 property.

These excellent crime rates for Sumpter Township would not be possible but for the great partnership between the department and you, the residents we proudly serve. We thank you for being vigilant partners and reporting all suspicious activity.